Crawler DTH Drilling Rig
Crawler DTH Drilling Rig
Crawler DTH Drilling Rig

HF100YA2 Crawler DTH Drilling Rig

  • Engine Power : 33kw
  • Maximum Drilling Depth : 32m
  • Bore diameter : 90-140mm
  • Payment Terms : T/T,L/C,Western Union

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1.HF100YA2 hydraulic drilling rig adopts new-style hydraulic technique which have low air consumption and large rotation torque.
2.The structure of this drilling rig is compact. During drilling the slide-skid support on the ground to ensure the drilling has good stability.
3. HF100YA2’s rotary organizations adopts a new dual-motor turret to make the open-air blast drilling operations while drilling large holes to maintain a strong rotary torque output with air compressor.
4.HF100YA2 has the mobile and flexible climbing ability with perforation shift convenience features, suitable for rugged venue operations.

HF100YA2 crawler hydraulic drilling rig is mainly used in open ore mining, power station, and road building for exploring the stone.

Different Models of Hydraulic DTH Drilling Rig for Your Choice
Model Power Drilling Caliber Max. depth Feature
HF100YA2 33kw 90-140mm 32m Low Air Pressure crawler drill
HF115Y 56kw 90-150mm 42m Mid Air Pressure crawler drill
HF138Y 45kw 90-140mm level 42m,down 32m Mid Air Pressure crawler drill
HF140Y 56kw 115-150mm level 62m,down 32m High Air Pressure crawler drill
HF148Y 75kw 80-160mm 82m High Air Pressure crawler drill
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