HF-120L directional drilling rig
HF-120L directional drilling rig

HFDP-120L directional drilling rig

  • Max. Pullback Force: 1220KN
  • Max. Thrust Force: 1220KN
  • Max. Spindle Torque: 43100N.m
  • Payment Terms : T/T,L/C,Western Union

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 HFDP-120L directional drilling rig adopts steel track and excavator chassis.The drilling machine features reasonable structure ,convenient operation ,and high stability. The hydraulic system adopts closed circuit for high efficiency and minimal operating force .This machine is used to pave the long distance pipe.

The New Characteristics >>
1. The rig could smoothly adjust the speed of rotation and boost. The two operating hand-shanks can wilfully located in the appropriate speeding site.
2. Now on handrail beside the chair is the switch of loading and unloading the rod, and it's very convenient for operator to control the operations of rig.
3. The rotation angle of the chair is 0-90 degree, and the walking hand-shank is in front of the chair. So the chair could be located forward while the rig is walking, and when the rig stops and drill the hole, the chair could be located to face the carriage. Moreover, the walking and drilling function could be locked to guarantee the safety.
4. The new rig increases two gears(slow and fast) for rotation and boost, which advances the speed of rotation and boost. It will be more convenient to clear the hole and pull back the pipe, and improve efficiency and success rate. In 2011 we add this new function on the rig for our old customers and win much praise.
5. The speed of hydraulic system could also be adjusted and combined wilfully, so the rig could adapt to complex stratum such as soil, sand gravel etc.
6. The new added component of hydraulic system makes the rig more suited for complex stratum, and decline the construction risk and oil consumption, improve the power use and the life of component such as pump, valve and motor etc.
7. The change of rig operating form makes the operation more convenient and efficient, and the view of operator will be more wide.

Characteristics >>
> The feed mechanism drives the gear-rack transmission.
> The pushing and rotation adopt the shut circuit system, the two plunger motors with the planet box to provide high efficiency and minimal operating force.
> The rotary head is driven by two plunger motors with planetary reducer to provide high speed and large torque.
> The carriage with rollers reduces the friction and improves the lifetime of extension guide.
> The diesel engine and main hydraulic parts adopt imported products or famous demostic companies.
> 3.2t hydraulic crane makes assemble and disassemble drill rods and drill tools more conveniently and flexibly and improves work efficiently.
> Comfortable driving cab and concentrated control tower make operation more conveniently.
> Two hydraulic clamps make drill rods added and removed more conveniently and efficiently.
> It equipped with 100hours high energy cell in order to complete long distance drilling.

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