Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig

HFDP-60L Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig

  • Max. Push capacity: 610KN
  • Max. Pull capacity: 610KN
  • Rated Torque: 27000 N.m 45 r/min ;13500 N.m 90 r/min
  • :

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HFDP-60L horizontal directional drilling rig, integrated with the advantages and characteristics of various HDD rigs in China and abroad, is a high-sufficient drill rig manufactured by us based on more than 10 years designing experiences.
Equipped with the diesel engine at the power of 225KW, the drill rig is powerful enough to deal with various problems. The all new HFDP-60 provides 630KN of feeding & pulling force and Max. 27100N·m. And HFDP-60’s torque gains successful performances. The rack and pinion transmission system is designed with advanced technology, which ensures much more reliable and safer movement of drill head. The high-quality crawler makes it possible for drill rig to move quickly. The operator's cabin is with wide field of view and good sound insulation. All sorts of monitoring gauges are mounted in the cabin, which makes it simple to operate the rig. A crane with capacity of two tons is attached with the main machine to ensure convenient working for operator. Suitable mud is supplied for drilling by the mud pump with Max flow 600L/min and Max pressure 8 Mpa.
The main hydraulic components are all famous brand from European and American suppliers, and the transfer case and reducer are adopted from well-known European factory, thus reliable operation of the rig is guaranteed.

Different Models of Directional Drilling Machine for Your Choice
Model Engine Power Feeding force(KN) Pulling Force(KN)
HFDP-15L 85KW (2200r/min) 75 150
HFDP-20L 110KW (2300r/min) 200 200
HFDP-28L 132KW (2300r/min) 280 280
HFDP-32L 145KW(2300r/min) 320 320
HFDP-40L 175KW(2300r/min) 400 400
HFDP-60L 225KW (2200r/min) 620 620
HFDP-120L 338KW (1900r/min) 1220 1220
HFDP-245L 450KW*2 sets 2450 2450
HFDP-400L 552KW*2 sets 4000 4000
HFDP-550L 784KW*2 sets 5500 5500
HFDP-750L 960KW*2 sets 7500 7500
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