HFP200G Portable Core Drilling rig
HFP200G Portable Core Drilling rig
HFP200G Portable Core Drilling rig

HFP200G Portable Core Drilling Rig

  • Drilling depth : 30/100/200m
  • Drilling diameter: Hole diameter 96/75.7/60mm; Core Diameter 63.5/56/42mm
  • Power engine: KUBOTA D1105.T, 23.5KW/3000RPM

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Our HFP200G portable full-hydraulic drilling rig is specially designed for engineering geological survey in inaccessible areas and those with complex topographical conditions, especially applicable for geological survey of railway, road and hydropower projects in such areas and for various other projects requiring high portability and efficiency of drilling rigs and subject to various construction requirements.It combines HANFA thin-wall wire-line coring process and HANFA construction methods, ensuring high safety, high efficiency and more convenience of project construction. It is the most significant feature of this type of drilling rig.



1.Designed with a proprietary hexagonal guide rail system, it ensures good centering, adjustable abrasion and convenient maintenance.
2.Different configurations are available for different purposes of the same machine, catering for extensive applications.
3.Innovative HANFA construction methods are adopted to ensure more safe and efficient construction.
4.Either motor or diesel engine can be used for power supply to ensure high adaptability.
5.It is the first multi-purpose portable full-hydraulic drilling rig for engineering survey in the industry.

Hanfa operation method
Hanfa operation method is an engineering-geological drilling operation method developed by our company based on thin wall drilling rig with respect to characteristics of engineering reconnoitring, including the full-borehole wireline coring process and the not-lifting-the-drill-rod SPT casing drilling process.

Full-borehole thin-wall wireline coring process

* Reducing times of making a trip—Increasing the net drilling time and saving the energy consumption
* Declining the damage to borehole walls - Avoiding the damage to borehole walls caused by making repeated trips
* Increasing the coring recovery rate---A high coring recovery rate of shattering and unconsolidated formations

Not-lifting-the-drill-rod SPT casing drilling process
* Increase of efficiency—Not-lifting-the-drill-rod SPT test
* Enhancing safety in the borehole--Effectively avoiding the borehole wall from collapsing or chipping
* Increase of experimental accuracy-Avoiding the test rod from touching with borehole wall and having a high test progress

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