Full Hydraulic Drilling Rig
HFDX-5 Full Hydraulic Drilling Rig
HFDX-5 Full Hydraulic Drilling Rig

HFDX-5 Full Hydraulic Drilling Rig

  • Engine Power : 145kW (195HP)
  • Maximum Drilling Depth : 1550\1300\1000\680m
  • Drilling diameter(mm) : BQ,NQ,HQ,PQ

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►General Introduction:

The HFDX-5 new model Full Hydraulic Core Drill Rig is developed with advanced technique of same kind equipments at home and abroad. The drill rig has a reasonable design and superior performance. It is easy for operation and maintenance.

►Overall Unit Features 
The drill rig adopts  full hydraulic driving, tire trail-type. The drill head is driven by variable motor with function of two-speed mechanical  gear shifts, stepless speed change with an advanced and simple structure. The system has the function. If the piston rods of oil cylinder moving one certain distance, the drill head moving will double the distance. The mast could be adjusted within the range of angle 0 to 90 degree for its drilling hole with a low center of gravity and good stability of the overall unit. The rig provides operator with a nice field of vision and wide and comfortable working condition. TheHFDX-5looks pretty in overall structure and embodies the design thought of people oriented.
1)   Reliable Performance
Basing on the guideline of purchasing the critical auxiliary equipment internationally, the diesel engine,
the hydraulic pump, the main valves, the motors, crawler reducers and the key hydraulic spare parts are all adopted famous brands products at home and abroad.
2)   High Efficiency
With big torque, high power unit allocation  and with reasonable  structure design and advanced operation method and 6 meters(19.7 feet) length of drill rod, all these  guarantee  the  drill  rig's  high  operation  and performance efficiency.
3)   Environmental Protection
With lower polluting emission of diesel engine, professional noise reducing design, the drill rig is fully
suitable for urban operation and performance.
4)   Energy Saving
Adopting  the advanced  load sensitive  control  technique,  the drill   rig   has   reduced   the   power   consumption   and   heat generation to the lowest level.

Field of Application
HFDX-5 Type Drill Rig is mainly used for inclined and straight holes drilling. It could be used for exploration and prospecting of geology, metallurgy, coal, nuke industry, hydrology and in other industries fields. It is a core drilling rig by using diamond and carbide-tipped bits mainly.

Different Models of Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig 100-3050m for Your Choice
Model Power Drilling Capacity Drilling Tools
HFCR-8 276KW/2100rpm 1500-3050M BQ, NQ, HQ,PQ
HFDX-6 178KW/2200rpm 1000-2050M BQ, NQ, HQ,PQ
HFDX-5 145KW/1900rpm 680-1550M BQ, NQ, HQ,PQ
HFDX-4 132KW/2200rpm 300-1050M BQ, NQ, HQ,PQ
HFDX-2 74KW/2200rpm 100-500M BQ, NQ, HQ,PQ
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