HFY1000 Core Drilling Rig

HFY1000 Core Drilling Rig

  • Drilling Depth: 1000m
  • Drilling Diameter: BQ,NQ,HQ,PQ
  • Power: electric motor:37kw; diesel motor:48kw

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The HFY1000 reinforced drill rig is the shaft hydraulic feed, mechanical power head rotary drill.The rig is equipped with the Dongfeng EQ140 gearbox and clutch, and the spare parts are enhanced to improve the overall capability of the drill rig.Mainly used in the earth's surface and underground solid deposit diamond ,carbide drilling ,drilling shallow oil and gas and groundwater, can also be used for dam grouting and tunnel ventilation and drainage engineering drilling, etc.

Main Features:
1. Wide speed range and the series is much. In addition to being able to adapt to high speed diamond ,small diameter drilling, it can also adapt to the requirements of low speed, high torque and large diameter drilling.
2.Light weight, good detachable, easy to relocate, suitable for mountain work.
3.The clutch gearbox parts have strong universality, high standard and easy operation and maintenance.
4.The winch adopts cantilever support to simplify the structure and facilitate disassembly and maintenance.
5. Rigid frame, low center of gravity, stable working in high speed drilling.
6.Equipped with corresponding instruments, with less operating handle, reasonable layout and flexible operation.
7.Increase power configuration, diesel engine and electric motor optional, Strong resistance to overload when drilling.
8.Combined frame configuration, good disintegration, can meet the construction requirements of hilly area.
9.The drill has two reverse speed, low labor strength and safe in handling the accident.
10.Adopt the automobile clutch transmission, stable performance , high safety factor, the spare parts procurement is convenient.

How does rotary drilling work?
Rotary drilling uses a rotating movement of a drill bit in order to generate wear in the ground (in order to drill into soft groud or mixed grouds):
- A rotary head, rotating thanks to hydraulic motors, is placed on a rig,
- a feed force is applied to the string,
- The rotary head makes the drill string to rotate,
- At the bottom of the drill string there is a bit, in contact with the ground, the bit creates the hole (the rotation of the bit generates wear).
- A fluid (water or drilling mud) is injected through the drill string till the bit. This fluid will flush the cutted material and bring them to the surface.
- As the bit drills down, the rotary head goes down the rig. Then added rods are inserted in order to go till the desired depth.
For drilling in hard rocks, rotary drilling is usually not the most adapted technic, for this it's better to use a drifter (also called hard rock drill).


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