HFY2000 Core drilling rig

HFY2000 Core drilling rig

  • Drilling Depth: 2000m
  • Lifting capacity: 80KN
  • Power: Electric motor:75kw; Diesel Engine:84kw

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HFY2000 core drilling rig is suitable for the diamond and carbide core drilling, also can be used in engineering geological survey, the pile hole construction, shallow oil, gas and water well drilling, and construction of large diameter foundation project.The machine has a reasonable structure, light weight, strong drilling capability, stable performance, good reliability, and high standard and versatility.

Main Features:

1.Select the EQ145 gear clutch assembly , High transfer torque. with diaphragm type spring clutch, high overload capability.Adopt EQ153 clutch which equipped
total pump and pump combination of hydraulic control mechanism.Adopt the automobile clutch transmission, stable performance, high safety factor, the spare parts procurement is convenient.
2.Coupling is used in the common drilling rig in China, which can easily produce large vibration and noise, and the transmission power loss is up to 30%.Now using the latest domestic products "within the tooth elastic coupling NL type", the coupling are allowed a larger axial, radial and angular displacement, has simple structure, convenient maintenance, easy tear open outfit, low noise, high efficiency, long service life, big transmission torque, etc.
3.The hoisting machine breaks through the traditional 3 sets of planetary wheel mechanism, and use 4 sets of planetary wheel mechanism to deliver high torque and good stability.The hoist brake drum adopts the new structure, which has large power, small wear and long service life.
4.Adopt the new water brake device.It is a mechanical device to adjust the descent speed of the drilling tool when drilling down.The braking torque generated by its operation makes the driving torque of the drill tool on the reel be reduced, braking strength of the braking system is reduced, and the service life of the drill is extended.
5.Using the lever type hydraulic chuck, large clamping force, strong radial compensation ability .
6.This machine is driven by electric motors or diesel engines, which can be used according to user's demand.
7.It is equipped with sufficient instruments to grasp the internal situation of the hole. Meanwhile, equipped with input and output tachometer to facilitate operation control by operators.The control handle is less, well laid-out, the control is flexible and reliable.
8.New design gearbox control mechanism, side-shift operation, flexible and convenient.
9.The whole machine is light weight, compact structure, good detachable and easy to move.simple and reasonable structure, all components are exposed, not overlapped, easy to maintain and repair.
10.The rig moved smoothly and fixed firmly.strong frame, low center of gravity, high stability and reliability when high speed drilling.

How does rotary drilling work?

Rotary drilling uses a rotating movement of a drill bit in order to generate wear in the ground (in order to drill into soft groud or mixed grouds):
- A rotary head, rotating thanks to hydraulic motors, is placed on a rig,
- a feed force is applied to the string,
- The rotary head makes the drill string to rotate,
- At the bottom of the drill string there is a bit, in contact with the ground, the bit creates the hole (the rotation of the bit generates wear).
- A fluid (water or drilling mud) is injected through the drill string till the bit. This fluid will flush the cutted material and bring them to the surface.
- As the bit drills down, the rotary head goes down the rig. Then added rods are inserted in order to go till the desired depth.
For drilling in hard rocks, rotary drilling is usually not the most adapted technic, for this it's better to use a drifter (also called hard rock drill).

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