drilling rig model

HFKT5000 Type Fully Hydraulic Power Unit Drilling Machine

  • Drilling Diameter(mm) : 5050
  • Drilling Depth(m) : 120
  • Rotation of Power Unit(r/Min): 0-12
  • Payment Terms : T/T,L/C,Western Union

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►1. Drilling Tool System
The drilling tool system is composed of drilling bit, gas cell drilling rod, additional drilling rod, additional weight, centralizer, and standard drilling rod, with a diameter of the through hole of 350mm. Movable duct structure is adopted, therefor, the problem of the strength of the drilling rod is solved.

►2. Hydraulic System
Four-pump and four-motor constant power variable loop is adopted for the main loop and the driving power reaches 300kW. The hoisting loop is combined with the main loop to reduce the energy consumption. In addition, the cooling loop and automatic drilling loop are provided, which can great satisfy the construction requirements

►3. Electrical System
All the actions of the drill are performed by the electrical buttons, greatly reducing the labor strength of the working personnel. PLC technology is adopted so that the torque, pressure and lifting weight of the drill can be timely observed. Moreover, the application of remote control technique greatly facilitates the construction.
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