underground water locator
underground water locator

HFD-C Water Locator

  • Measuring range: 0-255mv
  • Detection depth: <300m
  • Measuring channel: 7 channels
  • Measuring frequency: 4900,2000,600,170,67,35,25HZ

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1. Characteristics:
1) Monitoring 7 frequency at the same time
2) Suitable for depths of 300m 
3) Easy of handling, esay to learn
4) Auto-monitoring, auto-storing data, auto-drawing curves
5) USB ports.

2. Brief Introduction:
HFD-C Multi-Function Natural Electrical Field detector is a water detector which is specifically designed for depths of 300m.
It monitors the changes of underground electrical resistivity by measuring the intensity of natural electrical field, then analysing the position and depths of underground water.
This instrument solved a major issue, which is freqency choosing and anti-jamming in a natural electrical field.
It uses waterproof shell and touch screen, which is easy of handling and easy to learn.


HFD-C Multi-Function Natural Electrical Field detector is portable, efficiency, easy-handling and accurate analysis. It is auto-measuring which could show data and curves clearly and simple.
Comparing with traditional DC electrical water detector, its speed of measuring was increased more than 8 times, but the instrument weight was decreased 8 times. 
In the past 20 years experience, we won a high reputation and were high acclaimed by our customers.

3.Compare with traditional geo-electrical water detectors:

Traditional geo-electric water detectors

HFD-C Ground Water Detector

Heavy meter and complicated wiring due to manual power supply.

No need power supply, use natural electric field and 20 meters receiver pole, through special amplify method to complete survey.

Need 3-5 persons or more to operate it and cause heavy work and low efficiency.

2 people are enough to finish the work High efficiency

Heavy, about 50-500KG, hard to remove.

Light weight, <5KG, easy to carry.

Need to convey data to PC and use various software to draft and analyze.

We configure a 4G U-disk storage to introduce the data! Then you can do various operations for the measured data.

Professional operations and expensive

Very practical and low cost

Just know water location and depth

Can know water location, water supply direction, water depth and water outflow.

4. Application:

Metal and non-metal ore survey;
Decrease mineral invest venture and increase exploration success rate;
Underground water detect in all kinds of the geological conditions;
Meet demand of drinking water, industrial usage and agricultural irrigation;
Engineering geological prospect and disaster geological detect;
Coal goaf, archaeological mining, city exploration and non-metal pipe survey.
5. Main features:

Fast and high efficiency.
Easy to carry.
Easy operation.
Good precision and high accuracy.
Very practical and low cost.
Flexible array—traditional and unique array method.

6. Advantage:  
1. It is integrated into an aluminum alloy tool case, then can be carried freely.
2. Built-in charging lithium batteries, can fast charge for 4 hours, then you can use it for 16 hours.
3. Special rough measurement and fine measurement electrodes largely improve the speed and precision of equipment.
4. Multiple anti-jamming design and unique anti-jamming modes to choose largely increase the accuracy and stability of data.


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