HFJ-200 multipurpose portable engineering drilling rig
HFJ-200 multipurpose portable engineering drilling rig

HF200 multipurpose portable drilling rig

  • Engine Power : 110kw
  • Maximum Drilling Depth : 200m
  • Drilling diameter(mm) : 75-300mm
  • Payment Terms : T/T,L/C,Western Union

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HF200 is a multipurpose and new light engineering machine which equip mechanical drive and hydraulic feed type.This machine has high power, light weight, winding can type, more speed gear, and have hydraulic mobile function, can drill engineering geology and hydrogeology bore,filling pile hole.

Scope of application

1. The high-rise buildings, railways, highways, Bridges, reservoir and power station dam foundation, harbor, dock and other basic engineering survey.

2. All kinds of high-rise buildings, bridge foundation, small pier foundation engineering construction and foundation reinforcement and diaphragm wall construction.

3. The water well drilling rig for diameter of less than Φ600

4. Detect holes, first-aid hole, injection energy storage hole, engineering quality inspection hole, geological exploration, coal field exploration and drilling.


1.Power, power distribution motivation or diesel engine, the power of 15 kw.The quality is light, long service life

2.Good at percussion drilling work, hoist adopts friction clutch structure, solves the problem of gear structure is not easy to add lubricant.

3.Easy to collapse, easy to operate, easy to repair and relocation.

4.Large range of speed regulation, and can meet the needs of the various strata and various drilling.

5.Vertical shaft rotary machine can be arbitrary rotation drilling anchor hole, can completely replace the special anchor drilling machine

6.Only need to change the vertical gyrator gear, can make HFJ - 200 type into HFJ - 200 type.Achieve multi-usage, wider application scope.

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