Hanfa group will attend the exhibition in kazakhstan in September


Exhibition introduction:

  Mining World and Kazcomak is the largest and most influential engineering and Mining machinery exhibition in kazakhstan and central Asia.As one of the brand exhibitions of ITE Mining World, the exhibition attracts almost all large and medium-sized Mining companies in central Asia as well as decision makers in the field of mineral development and processing.In 2016, the total exhibition area reached more than 10,000 square meters, and 270 companies from various countries participated in the exhibition. Chinese exhibitors all spoke highly of the exhibition and were very satisfied with the exhibition effect.

Exhibition information:

  Name of exhibition: minningworld-kazcomak 2019

  Exhibition time: September 18-20, 2019

  Pavilion: artacante expo center

  Pavilion address: 42 Timiryazev street, almaty, kazakhstan

  Booth no. : T34

You are welcome to visit the exhibition.