HFH-20 Anchor Drill Rig

  • Drilling depth: 50m
  • Drilling diameter: Φ83 ~Φ200mm
  • Engine Power: 37Kw+5.5Kw+5.5Kw

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depth 50m Diameter 83-200mm HFH-20 Hydraulic crawler mounted rotary anchor drilling



The Transformers series drilling rig is a full market for our company's technical staff.Based on the research, we are based on the market, serving the market, and the purpose of the user. The latest launch, with innovative products, it combines advanced, reliable, durable and energy-saving.
This product is mainly used for rock drilling operations such as hydropower engineering, open pit mining, road construction, slope anchoring, etc. It is especially suitable for drilling anchor holes in construction sites. Supporting the use of twist drill pipe, high efficiency, low energy consumption and good economic efficiency.

Three innovative patents:

1. Drilling rig with three-dimensional rotation
The 3D drill arm expands the range of the boom and meets various job requirements.





The vertical position of the rail is rotated 90° to the left


The lowest level of the guide rail is rotated 90° to the left


The rail is tilted horizontally to the upper left


Rail horizontally lower left


Rail horizontally tilted to the upper right


Rail horizontally lower right


2. DTH drilling rig with operating platform
The economical and practical operation platform solves the problem that the operator has nowhere to stand when drilling the high-level horizontal hole inclined hole to remove the drill pipe.




3. DTH drilling rig with propulsion guide
The guide rod type propeller has a simple structure, stable operation and large lifting force.

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