HFM-180C Jet Grouting Drilling Rig

  • Hole Depth(m): 182
  • Hole Diameter(mm): 110~310
  • Input power: 125kw/2200rpm

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I. Application
HFM-180C drilling rig is a kind of full hydraulic power head (top drive) multifunctional crawler drilling rig, is the ideal universal drilling equipment for vertical or inclined drilling, applicable to a variety of different drilling methods, so it has greater adaptability to the various types of formation and complex conditions, can effectively solve the loose cover formation, eggs gravel layers, bedrock fractured strata when drilling into the hole difficult problem, has a very wide range of uses.

It is mainly applied to the construction of deep foundation pit support, foundation reinforcement and ground source heat pump hole construction of high-rise building. It is also suitable for the construction of large-tonnage prestressed anchoring holes and drainage holes in rock engineering such as hydropower station engineering, railway and highway slope Engineering; gravel stratum high pressure rotary jet guide hole project, and blasting engineering construction. Can also be applied to anti-floating anchor, indoor building foundation reinforcement, rotary jet reinforcement, roadbed dam reinforcement, prevention of landslide anchoring, open quarrying, tunnel shed and other projects.

Ⅱ. Features
● The great rotary torque of the drilling rig makes the application wider, the borehole speed faster, the accident disposal capability better and drilling work efficiency higher.
● Extension mechanism in the output spindle of top drive power head protects drilling tools effectively.
● The gearshift mechanism of top drive power head adopts the hydraulic shift method which has the strongpoint of the quickness, convenience, reliability, etc. of the gearshift.
● The hydraulic clamp & wrench device enormously decreases the assistant time and also reduces the intensity of operating work
● The rig is crawler mounted, which makes the machine move easily.
● Most of hydraulic elements are selected from world famous brand products in order to achieve high reliability and performance stability.
● It can be used by various drilling methods, such as: Non-cycle liquid dry auger drill DTH hammer drill in rock layer by air Mud circulation drill in sand soil layer DTH hammer with tube drill in broken rock area by air
● HFM-180C crawler drilling rig has level system( drill arm) is able to adjust mast in different angle and height without moving drilling rig. It also can working for anchoring drilling in deep foundation basis.
● HFM-180C drill rig can install with jet grouting device in order to drill enlarge head anchoring work. height of level during the drill work. 
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