Waterproof Borehole Inspection Camera

Waterproof Borehole Inspection Camera

  • Camera Size: Φ75mm (Φ50mm optional)
  • Rotary Probe: 360°rotary
  • Depth Counter: Depth accuracy to 0.05 meters

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* 7 inch LCD monitor: 291 × 251 × 48mm
* Aspect ratio: 4: 3
* Contrast ratio: 400: 1
* Brightness: 500cd / m²
* Resolution: 1024 × 768
* Power supply DC 12V
* Color system: PAL / NTSC / SECAM

2.Main control box
* ABS main control box
* Voltage input: 220V
* Depth Interface: Connect the depth sensor
* Probe Interface: Connect the probe, transmit video and power
* Data interface: can write well well number, self-calibration depth
* Video system: 8G SD card recording system, maximum support 32G
* Depth Zero: The depth is zeroed before logging for accurate counting
* Display: 7-inch bright LED display, outdoor visual
* Expansion port: video capture expansion interface

* Hand-operated winch: 220V power input, the available electric mode;
* Main control box tray: stainless steel tray, removable, easy to transport
* Down-hole pulley: Down-hole pulley with depth counting function, need to connect the data line to use the main control box
* Pulley support rod: retractable pulley support rod, removable, and the connection with the winch with hydraulic rods, to prevent the support rod shaking logging
* Depth counting function: the depth of precision to 0.05 meters, if the error can be calibrated depth
* Video system: SD card video recording system, maximum support 16G
* Depth Zero: The depth is zeroed before logging for accurate counting

4.Rotary probe
* Camera size: Φ75mm (Φ50mm optional)
* Camera Material: 304 stainless steel
* Camera lens material: Explosion-proof optical glass
* Camera pixels: CCD camera, 700 lines of high-definition low-light
* Lens angle: 360 ° flips the circumference. The image can be enlarged and reduced.
* Camera headlights: 8/12 pre-bright SMD lamp beads, rear 24 LED light source lamp beads
* Brightness adjustment: through the main control box on the button to adjust the brightness of the front light, 5 dimmer
* Probe pressure: pressure 15MPA, the maximum pressure depth of up to 1500 meters

5.Logging cable
* Cable material: heat-resistant cable
* Chengla: 280KG
* Outside diameter: 7.2mm
* Temperature: 50 degree strong


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