JS2000 Concrete Mixer
JS2000 Concrete Mixer

JS2000 Concrete Mixer

  • Discharge Volume: 2000L
  • Charging Volume: 3200L
  • Productivity: ≥100m3/h

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JS series concrete mixer is a double-shaft forced mixer. It has the dual advantages of single machine independent operation and simple concrete mixing station with PLD series batching machine. It can also provide supporting host for mixing station, suitable for all kinds of large , medium and small prefabricated component factories and highways, bridges, water conservancy, docks and other industrial and civil construction projects, can be mixed dry and hard concrete, plastic concrete, fluid concrete, light aggregate concrete and various mortars, is a high efficiency Model, the application is very extensive. 


1. Excellent mixing performance: several sets of mixing blades in the mixing drum are staggered, so that the mixture is fully stirred in the cylinder, and the mixture can be quickly and evenly stirred; the advanced multi-shaft end and wind pressure sealing protection device can effectively Eliminate the phenomenon of slurry leakage.
2. European imported welding robot: Europe imported welding robot to ensure welding quality and improve production efficiency; end plate and barrel plate welding stress treatment for overall annealing or aging treatment, effectively preventing deformation;
3. Large-scale processing mixing shaft bearing hole: exquisite workmanship, using large CNC coordinate boring machine for agitating shaft bearing hole machining to ensure coaxiality and precision;
4. Sandblasting and rust removal, polyurethane coating: Durable paint, bright appearance, sandblasting and rust removal, polyurethane coating, durable.


The stirring system of JS2000 mixer is composed of electric motor, pulley, reducer, open gear, mixing drum stirring device, oil supply device, etc. The motor is directly connected with cycloidal pin reducer, and the two output shafts of the reducer are respectively separated by split gears. The horizontally configured stirring shaft reverses the constant speed rotation.

The arc portion of the mixing drum is welded, and the mixing drum is provided with five kinds of lining plates, which are fastened with the countersunk screws and the cylinder body.

The unloading system is composed of a discharge hopper, a gas pump, a reversing valve, a gas separation valve, a cylinder, an electric and the like; the discharge door is installed at the bottom of the mixer, pneumatically discharges through the cylinder, and can also control the opening and closing position of the discharge door. The discharge gate seal is ensured by adjusting the position of the seal. The unloading manual operating lever is used for emergency unloading and cylinder unloading during temporary power failure. It should be removed during normal operation to prevent injury.

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