• Casting steel ball
    Classification : High chromium alloy casting ball, medium chromium alloy casting ball, low chromium alloy casting ball.
    Application : Mainly used in cement plant, chemical plant, power plant, quartz sand factory, silica sand factory and other dry grinding field.
    Advantages : High performance and low cost, wide application range, especially in cement industry as the representative of the dry grinding field.
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  • High Manganese Steel Liner
    Introduction : used for protecting ball mill cylinder against the impact of grinding medium and ore.
    Application : Mainly used in metallurgy industry, cement industry, the coal.
    Features : The hardness can reach HB300-350, impact value reaches 700Nm / cm2.
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  • High chromium cast iron liners
    Introduction : high chromium cast iron is superior to that of the ordinary white cast iron and the low chromium cast iron.
    Features : Excellent anti-wear properties and high temperature plasticity, high hardness.
    Appilication : Ball mill liner, grinding balls, plate hammer of impact crusher and roller of the rolling mill.
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  • Rubber Liner
    Features : Low power consumption, high wear and impact resistance, low noise, easy to install.
    Application : rubber liner are used in grid type, overflow type, multi-warehouse-type ball mill.
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