HFG-35 separated DTH drill rig

HFG-35 separated DTH drill rig

  • Hole Depth: 22m
  • Hole Diameter Range: 90-118mm
  • Engine Rated Power: 60kW

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HANFA Drilling innovative product,most modern advanced technologies,high efficiency,energy saving,environment friendly, safety.
HFG-35 separated DTH drill rig, an upgrade from existing mature model, with core components upgraded to world famous brands. Reliable performance for continuous operation in all climates.

Product Features
1.Rotated Feed Beam Installation
45ºrotated feed beam, easier and convenient for hole positioning and operation view & check.

2.Powerful Rotation Unit

Bigger and stronger designed Rotation unit for smooth high torque output and less drill tool jamming with seamless speed regulation.

3.Wear resistant slide padding
Wear resistant nylon made rotation unit padding and feed beam slide protective padding for less frictions and for rotary head smooth feeding up and down.

4.New protective cover
Better appearance and convenient for maintenance.

5.Multi-directional drilling design
For complex drilling conditions, 400 mm ground clearance for horizontal drilling applications.

6.Three stage Air Filtration system
HANFA high performance wet air filter working with dry filters for three stage filtration system to provide complete protections for the engine.

7.Dust collecting system
High efficiency two stage dust collector with high speed fan for larger filtration area,technical advanced and industry leading.

8.Ergonomic comfortable operation console
Centralized control, convenience, efficient control console and full display panel of functions.

9.Standard tramming mechanism
Equipped with speed reduction tramming system and standard excavator track for compact structure. Excellent off-road performance with powerful two-speed hydraulic tramming system for extreme low failure rate.

Different Models of Hydraulic DTH Drilling Rig for Your Choice
Model Power Drilling Caliber Max. depth Feature
HFG-35 Cummins 60kw 90-118mm 22m Separated DTH Drilling Rig
HFG-45 Cummins 60kw 90-150mm 22m Separated DTH Drilling Rig
HFG-55 Cummins 92kw 110-162mm 23m Separated DTH Drilling Rig
HFG-55RHS Cummins 92kw 110-162mm 23m Separated DTH Drilling Rig(auto rod changer)
HFG-53 Cummins 142kw 80-118mm 22m Integrated(Built-in air compressor) DTH Drilling Rig
HFG-54 Cummins 194kw 108-137mm 22m Integrated(Built-in air compressor) DTH Drilling Rig
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