HFGA-45 Automatic Down The Hole (DTH) Surface Blast Hole Drill Rig

HFGA-45 Automatic Down The Hole (DTH) Surface Blast Hole Drill Rig

  • Hole Depth(Max.): 28m
  • Hole Range: 110-152mm
  • Rated Power: 266 kw

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This series of heavy-duty automatic down the hole (DTH) surface blast hole drill rigs developed and manufactured by Hanfa Machinery Co., Ltd. with diesel engine, air compressor and automated hydraulic control system on board is standard equipped with cabin, automatic drill pipe handling system, heavy-duty tramming motor and chassis with oscillation mechanism. The smooth drilling system, fast tramming speed and cross terrain adaptability make this series of rigs suitable for many complicated rock drilling applications. These rigs equipped with two stage dust collector is environmental friendly and widely used in various construction and mining applications. High efficiency, energy saving, environment friendly and many safety features also make these rigs highly recommended for green mining and global market.

The Main Features:Designed for drilling large, medium and deep holes and for complicated rock conditions.

High Efficiency:

Reduced drilling preparation time due to high efficient automatic drill pipe handling system up to 6 m long drill pipe and strong cross terrain capability. The penetration rate is highly improved with less rock drilling tools consuming because of the high pressure and large displacement screw air compressors on board for more complete debris flushing. The larger diameter drill pipes contribute to less compressed air consumption when flushing. Powerful feeding and rotation design reduces jamming problems on top of enhances drilling speed even with complicated rock bases. Single operator lower labor cost. Bigger hole sizes require less number of total holes.High performance drill rigs reduce the fleet size.
Energy Saving:
Single power pack (only one diesel engine) drives both screw air compressor and hydraulic system with power output of stagger design. Comparing with separated drills, the power output of diesel engine of the automatic DTH rig is reduced by 30% and maintenance cost reduced by 50%. Lower total energy consumption, faster drilling speed, shorter preparation time and less holes reduce the drilling cost per capita sharply.
Environmental awareness
Standard two stage (optional water mist system) dust collector makes this series of rigs very much environment friendly.
The track oscillation system makes the rig center of gravity more stable while climbing up and down the slopes giving the tracks superior traction. Less equipment and workers are required. The drill pipe carousol and cab protect operation personnel from accident.

Product Features:

1.Made of special steel accordingly, stated of the art structure and manufacture design and process.
2.Floating pipe and hose reel:Hanfa own developed and designed floating hose reel protects the hydraulic and air pipes and hoses,and prolong the pipe and hose service life.
3.Drill Pipe handling system :Patent designed pipe carousel, mechanical gripper, lock set, and pipe gripper meets drill pipe change requirement of different kinds and types.
4.State of the art positioning and pipe gripper:High efficient positioning pipe gripper moves accurately.Safety design eliminates drillpipe falling.
5.Powerful Rotation Unit:Bigger and stronger designed Rotation unit offers smooth high torque output and reduce drill tool jamming with seamless speed regulation. Special designed sliding bar improves the life of drill guide with convenient space adjustment.
6.Ergonomic comfortable extra safe cabin:
American and European labors’ roof safety standard compliance
Clear and wide view,and environmental friendly glass.
All around visibility, low vibration and low noise design made to optimum comfort.
Standard Stereo and air conditioning system ensure the operator a relaxed and enjoyable workplace Simple operating control system is great to operate & easy to learn.
Many kinds of alarm & warning indicator and displays keep the rig always at optimum running conditions.
7.Dust collecting system:Standard two stage dust collector (optional water mist system) with outstanding performance,technical advanced and industry leading.

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