HFBD-26 Guardrail Pile Driver
HFBD-26 Guardrail Pile Driver
HFBD-26 Guardrail Pile Driver

HFBD-26 Guardrail Pile Driver

  • Drilling depth : 1.4m
  • Drilling diameter: 120-150mm
  • Engine power: 23~33kw

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Product Application

HFBD-26 hydraulic pile driver is a kind of construction machinery which can converte hydraulic energy into mechanical energy . It is mainly used in construction of steel pipe piles of highway guardrails. The solar spiral pile is spiraling down into the ground, and the ground is drilled with different drills.


1. The first innovation in China, national patent, only need one person to manipulate. (no need forklift)
2. No need air compressor, save more expense for you.
3. It is lighter with more efficiency, save 60% energy than classic air compressor.
4. It is more stable and durable, save more for maintaince.
5. Easy to transportation, the size is only 3.2m*1.8m*2.2m, it can be transported by a small car, no need to drag air compressor.
6. Easy to manipulate by one person, only need 3-5 minutes without change for head section. Save a lot of time and expenses.
7. It is wheeled and self-propelled, low center of gravity, the base and output power are more stable. It is more safety and flexible than traditional loader pile driver.
8. Full hydraulic power, the price is only 1/3 of traditional loader pile driver with air compressor but twice the efficient of it.
9. Double chain and hydraulic band brake for all four wheels, improve safety factors, it can be stopped anytime either on flat or steep mountain road.
10. Improved configuration for the whole machine, export steel wire tyres were used which improved the life span 3 times. Hydraulic assist steering pump were used to improve directive property. Engine shield was used to improve engine life length and made the operator more safe. The driver’s cab has platform shelter to be more comfortable.


1.Collapsible posts facilitate transportation
2.The hydraulic hammer can be rotated to one side of the column without over - width
3.If it is necessary to pull out the pile, we can install a special extractor to pull out the pile
4.Vertical bidirectional full hydraulic adjustment of the vertical column makes it easy and fast to adjust.
5.The hydraulic pile drilling machine can drill holes in the rock and cement pavement
6.The machine is equiped with a four-cylinder diesel engine of 33-37 kw
7.The machine can be equipped with pneumatic tire and non - pneumatic solid tire or rubber track according to customer's requirement
8.This equipment design has the clutch to enable the wheel and the traveling motor to separate, other 9.vehicles can drag the machine to move quickly, easy to transfer the field
10.The machine adopts four-wheel hydraulic lock to make the brake more reliable and safe

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