HFXR550D rotary drilling rig

  • Maximum Drilling Depth: 132m
  • Rated Power: 447kw
  • Maximum Stroke: 6m

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1. Special h-type hydraulic telescopic crawler chassis, equipped with large-diameter rotary support, chassis with swing legs, which can be auxiliary disassembly;
2, using imported cummins engine, powerful, enough power reserves plateau meet construction, noise, emissions to meet the Ⅲ standards;
3, single row rope main winding structure, the main winding rope in the state of full drilling depth of 132 meters, can meet the single row rope winding, effectively solve the problem of wire rope "bite rope", greatly extend the service life of wire rope;
4. The power head has the common mode and the rock-entry mode, respectively aiming at the soil layer and rock layer operation, improving the construction efficiency;
5. The power head has the function of automatic rotation, and the rotation speed can be continuously adjusted in ordinary mode and rock-entry mode;
6. Standard centralized lubrication system makes maintenance more convenient.


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