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HFJ2-18 Jumbo Drilling RigHFJ2-18 Jumbo Drilling RigHFJ2-18 Jumbo Drilling Rig
HFJ2-18 Jumbo Drilling RigHFJ2-18 Jumbo Drilling RigHFJ2-18 Jumbo Drilling Rig

HFJ2-18 Jumbo Drilling Rig

Borehole Diameter: 38-43mm
Drilling Depth: 2.6m
Drill Pipe Length: 2.475/2.975m
Walking Speed: 2.5km/h

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Product Description
Double Arm Underground Coal Mining Hydraulic Drilling Rig
1. Energy Conservation: As the products adopt hydraulic system to drive rock drill of hydraulic pressure working, The capability of the two collocated rock drill of hydraulic pressure is equivalent to 6 pics of HFHYT128 type AQ rock drill's. Compared with HFHYT128 type, the power loss of rock drill with hydraulic pressure(55KW) is just the one third of the AQ rock drill(150KW)The product with hydraulic pressure ratio control system has better effect of saving energy.
2. To improve the working environment, low noise: Don't eliminate waste rock because of hydraulic pressure, so there was no exhaust pollution caused by the inclusion of pollution to the environment. Improved, visibility, improving the operation environment. Improved visibility and operation environment. Hydraulic rock clang, except no noise of emission, so can reduce the noise than pneumatic 5 ~ 10 decibels.
3. Hydraulic construction can improve the construction quality: Because hydraulic rock roadway after the blasting size and surface neat are Using advanced technology, guarantee detonation depth and drill holes, therefore spacing to improve the quality of construction projects.
4. Improve production safety: Due to the driver's operation position far from work, so make sure the production safety.
5.Product design has the function of automatic brazing, can be suitable for many complicated geological conditions for determining the assignments, can effectively protect the hydraulic drill machine and drilling of abnormal damage to prolong the service life.

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Technical Data

Item Unit HFHJ2-18  HFHJ2-28
Appearance Dimension mm 7200×1200×1650 8000*1200*1800
Drill hole Diameter mm Φ38-Φ43 Φ38-Φ55
Drill pile length m 2.475/2.975 2.475/2.975
Drill hole Depth(One time propulsion) mm 2100/2600 2100/2600
Impactor J 200 200
Applicable section ( b*h) m 2*2-5*3.5 2.5*2-6*4.6
Applicable section ( b*h) m 6 6
Walking speed km/h 2.5 2.5
Climbing ability ° 14 14
Drill Lift ° lift 55 down16 lift 55 down16
Swing ° in 14 out47 in 14 out47
Aim Compensation mm 1500 1500
Rotary ° 180° 180°
Propeller Tilt ° stoop 105° tilt45° stoop 105° tilt45°
Swing angle ° in 45° out 45° in 45° out45°
Motor power kw 55 55
Voltage v 660/1140 660/1140
Weight t 8.5 9.5
Maximum disintegration Dimensions (L * W * H) mm 3170*1200*1210 3170*1200*1210


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