HFW-D Series All Formation of Deep Hole DrillHFW-D Series All Formation of Deep Hole DrillHFW-D Series All Formation of Deep Hole Drill
HFW-D Series All Formation of Deep Hole DrillHFW-D Series All Formation of Deep Hole DrillHFW-D Series All Formation of Deep Hole Drill

HFW-D Series All Formation of Deep Hole Drill

Borehole Diameter: 600mm
Drilling Depth: 600m
Maximum Impact Power: 264+239kw
Rotate Speed of Engine: 2200RPM

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Product Details: 

HFW-D series all formation of deep hole drill is a kind of efficient and new type of hydraulic drill, the drill is in our ten years manufacturing and construction experience of drill rig on mining, Wells, trenchless, pile holes, core, based on independent research and development, design for complex strata, meet all drilling deep hole in the idea, is the patent drill of alternatives to traditional deep hole roller cone drilling equipment. It is widely used in shale gas, air conditioning, water well, oil well, mine rescue and other large engineering construction, is domestic first deep hole drilling machine with high efficiency.

Main Feature:

1. Rig type optional crawler or platform, transportation is very convenient.

2. The combined pump transfer case, hydraulic rotary power head, the motor chain propeller, water pump, mud pump parts such as hydraulic configuration, reasonable power matching, speed, pressure regulating block stepless adjustment, achieve a variety of drilling parameters, meet a variety of drilling technology, adapt to the whole formation drilling requirements.

3. Multiple drilling technology combination: Moisture rock combination of large diameter DTH hammer composition. Air leakage formation full hole deep casing to follow up. Deep hole water, gas, three complex strata combination DTH hammer drilling mud.

4. Patent method: rock hole diameter of 600 mm, moisture combination of DTH hammer drilling, save 50% use air compressor, improve the efficiency of 20%. 300 mm diameter drill 800 m deep water, gas. DTH hammer drilling mud three medium combinations, alternative roller rock drilling, improve the speed by 200%.

5. High pressure mud pump, positive and negative circulation pumps, drilling frame lifting, drilling platform opening and closing, the drill pipe discharge, leveling, winding, drill leg walk all with auxiliary motion of the controlled by hydraulic, such as improving construction efficiency, Reduce the intensity of the operator work.

6. Hydraulic system equipped with separate air-cooled hydraulic oil cooler,and can optional install water cooler to ensure hydraulic system keep continuous and efficient operation under the high-temperature weather conditions of different regions.

HFW-D Series All Formation of Deep Hole Drill


Technical Data

    HFW-1000D HFW-2000D HFW-3000D
Diesel Engine Model cummins Cummins 6LTA8.9-C325    
Power(KW) 239 239+194 264+239
Rotate Speed(rpm) 2200 2200 2200
Rotate Power Head Rotate Speed(rpm) 0-150 0-100 0-100
Max.Torque(N.m) 32100(can equip double power head)  42100(can equip double power head) 42100(can equip double power head)
Max. Pullback Force(KN) 500 500 (1000) 500 (2000)
Max.Feed Force(KN) 500 500 (1000) 500 (2000)
Mast Height(m) 14.5 14.5 (tower29) 14.5 (tower29)
Angle 0° -90° 90° 90°
Stroke(m) 10.5 10.5 (27) 10.5 (27)
Rod Diameter X Length Three wall drill rod(mm) 127,114,89, 159X9600(three wall pipe) 127,114,89, 159X9600(three wall pipe) 127,114,89, 159X9600(three wall ;pipe)
rock with water and air Composite DTH Max. Diameter(mm) 600 600 600
Depth(m) 600 600 600
Air consumption(m³/kg) 31/24 31/24 31/24
Cone (New DTH) Max. Diameter(mm) 300 300 300
Depth(m) 1500 (1000) 3000 (2000) 4000 (3000)
Air consumption(m³/kg) 31/24 31/24 31/24
Mud pump Model BW1200/14 BW1600/16 BW1600/16
winch Lift(KN) 15+50+100 15+50+100 15+50+100
Transport parameters weight(kg) 25000 28000 35000
Overall dimensions L(mm) 14500×2650×3800 14500×2650×3800 14500×2650×3800
Optional parts Crawler, tower frame.three wall drill pipe, drill pipe, mud pump, generator, air compressor, welding machine, Mud mixing device, mud separation device.


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