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HFCP-20 compaction pileHFCP-20 compaction pileHFCP-20 compaction pile
HFCP-20 compaction pileHFCP-20 compaction pileHFCP-20 compaction pile

HFCP-20 compaction pile


Power Head: JKD-250


Revolving Support:1700mm

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1. This piling machine is the alternative product of static pressing pile machine and diesel hammer: high efficiency, energy saving, and environmental protection.

2. The main volume is 25 tons. It adopts the form of positive and negative lifting and pressure.

3. It can replace the static pressure pile driver and diesel hammer pile driver, with high efficiency and energy saving;

4. Good environmental protection effect, no noise, no vibration, no emission, no excavation


It is suitable for soft soil foundation reinforcement of silt, plain fill, miscellaneous fill, cohesive soil, collapsible loess and other soils with low groundwater level.

Working Process:

Usually, it is widely used in collapsible loess areas. The drill pipe is drilled into the foundation by the rotary method, and the pile hole is formed after lifting the drill, and then backfilled and compacted with plain soil, lime soil, lime soil and other materials to achieve an enlarged diameter. piles, and form a composite foundation together with the original foundation. The feature is that no soil is excavated, and the original foundation is squeezed to form holes; when the material is backfilled, the rammed material is further enlarged. When the pile is formed, it is horizontally compacted, which can also achieve the maximum dry density index after the required densification treatment, and can eliminate the collapsibility of the foundation soil, increase the bearing capacity, and reduce the compressibility.

Zhengzhou Hanfa Prospecting Machinery Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Hanfa Prospecting Machinery Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Hanfa Prospecting Machinery Co., Ltd.


Technical Data

drilling diameter(mm)


drilling depth(m)


Maximum theoretical torque of power head(kN/m)


Power head speed( r/min)


Maximum theoretical torque of power head(kw)

110 frequency conversion


Power head motor synchronous speed( r/min)


motor power (kw)


Maximum total tension(kN)


Chassis rotation Angle ( °)


Reference speed of chassis rotation( r/min)


Working condition reference size (mm)


Maximum shipping condition reference size(mm)


Center distance of guide (mm)


Fuselage thickness(mm)


Track size(mm)


Walking reference speed/min



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